Photo of deckchairs on Brighton beach with slogan 'Sun, Sea and IoT'


Welcome to the Brighton & Sussex Everynet.

The last few years has seen the evolution of the next phase of development of the Internet. Now millions of devices and sensors can be connected to the Internet to create a vast network called the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

Now here in the heart of Sussex, a team of volunteers has partnered with local organisations to create a new type of community owned network. One that aims to harness the power of IoT for the good of the wider community.

We affectionately call this new type of network the Everynet. In principle, you can connect every thing to the Internet.
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Building the future

We are experiencing a great wave of technological change.

Some people call it the Second Digital Revolution. A key enabler is the abilility to collect and process vast quantities of data in the Cloud, at relatively lowcost. However, this requires people to develop a new set of skills.

By creating an open community owned network, we aim to make this technology accessible to as wide an audience of possible. So schools, colleges, universities, businesses, local authorities – and of course the citizen scientist – will have open access to the rich data set that will be created by the Everynet.

Think of it as a platform for innovation and experimentation. One that can be used by our community to improve the quality of life for everyone, stimulate economic wellbeing and provide jobs in the new Digital industries.

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Built by you

We are building the network using a wireless technology called LoRa.

It has the benefit of being both relatively low-cost and has long range (5-8 miles in urban areas). Best of all, LoRa has both open-source and commercially supported hardware products. Some people are even building LoRa gateways on Raspberry Pi boards!

The fact that LoRa technology has fostered a strong open source culture means that we can develop these kind of Maker skills within our own community. We plan to do this by offering free workshops, hackathons and giving people the chance to participate in the Everynet project.

We aim to build a LoRa network which spans the coast from Newhaven to Bognor Regis and covers the whole of the Greater Brighton area.

And we are are part of a wider movement called the global Things Network. Volunteer citizens around the globe are coming together to build IoT data networks which allow communities to build essential skills for the future and solve some of their most pressing problems.

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